3. Contribute
Even a little extra today,
will add up in the future

Your super is likely to be your main asset and form of income when you stop working – so it’s important to make sure you have enough

As a guide, ASFA* calculate for a comfortable retirement, a couple will need over $61,000 a year and a single person over $43,000 a year.

See for yourself the difference a little extra today can make to your super, explore different contribution options through our calculator. You’ll be amazed what it can add up to!

*ASFA (Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia) provides resources both for the superannuation industry and the general public.
The information includes a budget to fund a comfortable or modest standard of living in post-work years. All the information can be found here.

You can make extra contributions regularly from your pay or from time to time as a lump sum when you have spare funds.

For regular contributions

For regular contributions (before or after tax) – you’ll need to complete the Voluntary Contributions Form and give it to your Employer.

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For lump sum contributions

For lump sum contributions – there are a few ways you can contribute via BPay, Direct Deposit or cheque. Simply complete the Deposit Form with your instructions.

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Check in on your super as things evolve

Get help online

There are a series of tools and resources available on our website
to help you explore and manage your super.

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